Nursery Tour

In one week baby girl will be here (fingers crossed for a smooth induction!)  I am a bundle of nerves as we patiently wait.  Many days I felt that pregnancy was never going to end, and as we approach the end of this journey it is wildly exciting and scary at the same time.  

These last days of pregnancy have been filled with nesting, napping, reading and watching reruns of the Office.  I have been trying to let myself do whatever I’d like during the day and not feel guilty about it!  I am blessed to have the summer off of work (I was a school counselor) which has been amazing for preparing our lives mentally and physically for baby.  

Baby girls nursery is light, bright and simple.  I wanted a bit of whimsy along with a nice calm and peaceful aesthetic.  


I cannot believe that next week there will be a little one here to snuggle with in that rocking chair!  Thanks for reading, as always! 

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