Welcoming Summer

Spring is ending this week and as we welcome Summer, I figured I should do an update on baby and what’s been going on around here lately.

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant….with only 7 weeks to go!  

I am actually feeling pretty darn good, physically and mentally.  The only bump in the road as of late was that I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  This means I have to follow a pretty strict low-carb, high-protein diet and monitor my blood sugar levels 4 times a day.  Consistently high blood sugars during pregnancy can accelerate your babies growth, making them very large at birth, along with other health issues.  Luckily it can be controlled with diet/exercise and I think I have fallen into a pretty good routine keeping everything in check (which will keep me off of medication.)  I have started a ‘wish’ list of sorts with all the things I’d like to indulge in after baby comes, including a carnival-style lemonade, waffles, french fries and a root beer float lol!  But overall, it is easy to follow the plan when you know your babies health is at stake, and it’s forcing me to eat very healthy these last few months!  (Just to clarify, with GD once baby is born you do NOT have diabetes anymore.  It is hormonal caused by the placenta.)

With the GD diagnosis I will be induced at 39 weeks to avoid having an abnormally large baby (odds are stacked against us as both me and my husband were on the larger side..)  Right now I have a scheduled induction for August 6th, which means baby should join us on Alex’s birthday!  (I have however been warned by my midwife that inductions can take 4-6 days!)  I also have a growth scan scheduled for 34 weeks, so hopefully baby is growing right on schedule!  

I really can’t believe that there are only 7 weeks until this baby is earthside.  Pregnancy is such a lesson in patience; most of the time if feels as if there is an eternity before you will meet your little one, and then suddenly there are only mere weeks.  

Pregnancy has surprised me in more than one way.  Every women experiences pregnancy and birth different and for me thus far it hasn’t been the physical aspects of pregnancy that have been hard.  The most difficult things have been the mental strain that growing a human brings.  I worried almost everyday up until the 3rd trimester about the health and well-being of our little girl.  I thought about the worst case scenarios and had a hard time accepting that everything was going to be okay.  Almost having the mentality that ‘we can’t be THIS happy.’  I do believe some worry is quite common for first time moms as this is a brand new experience and the unknown is terrifying!  Luckily once the 3rd trimester hit, a kind of calm swept over me.  Maybe it is a trust that everything is working out and will be as it is supposed to.  But all I know is that as my due date approaches I am feeling much more at peace and just excited to meet our baby girl and see her beautiful face!

Spring has treated us very well, but we are so excited to Welcome Summer and become a family of 3!


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